Hi there.  My name is Anne Pyterek.   I’m a writer who is starting a publishing company. This is an enormous effort.  There is so much to do, and no free help with  any of it! (A lot like writing.)

This publishing company, Blue Bus Books…the little publishing house on wheels!…has a mission.  We will publish high quality literary fiction…with an agenda!  The agenda is, quite simply, to subvert  patriarchy.  Art has always been a powerful force for social change and it’s time for a change.  Patriarchy hurts everybody.  Even men. It needs to stop.  Fiction has a wonderful way of planting seeds in a reader’s mind in a way expository simply cannot.  It’s just fiction.  Nothing to be on guard against.  And if it’s funny?  Revolutionary ideas may take root!

Our first author, Calliope Braintree, is both my protagonist and my pseudonym.  She and I are a prolific duo (she’s a writer, too).  Between us, we have three books completed (one by me and two by her).  Check out some excerpts at calliopebraintreewrites.wordpress.com

I set up this blog to document the incredible process of getting a publishing company off the ground.  I have been working very hard and have come quite far already.  There is still a long way to go.  Please follow my progress in this venture.  And thanks for stopping by!


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