”Even more than bread we now need poetry,
in a time when it seems that it is not needed at all.”

—Leon Staff

Leon Staff was a Polish poet who lived in the Warsaw ghetto. What he said about life under Nazi occupation has as much currency today as it did then. In these days of escalating violence and climate chaos, of the endlessly rapacious hydraulic fracturing of the earth, ocean acidification and the extinction of some 200 species a day, it seems selfish, escapist and counter intuitive to turn to the arts. But it is at precisely such times that we need works of imagination to help restore our faith in ourselves. The Calliope

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument1

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Monument (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Braintree Series is radical feminist fiction about Rape Culture. It’s about taking back the night, for ourselves and our living planet. These books are both bread and poetry.

Hello. My name is Anne Pyterek…Anne, of Blue Bus Books! I’m the creator of Calliope Braintree. I ‘m using this blog both to find my Ideal Readers and to document my process of starting my publishing company, Blue Bus Books. I am doing this while camping. I am a purist. I do not approve of industrialized civilization, have walked away from it (as much as one can, considering there is no “away”…it’s saturated every inch of the planet). I write about civilization and its conventions from an outsider position, looking in with great (and extremely literate) disapproval.

My purpose at this stage of the publishing process is to collect reviews, blurbs, blog interviews…all the elements needed to get the underground, word-of-mouth momentum started. The eBook format makes it easy to do that. In the “Our eBooks” page, you will find links to purchase the books. The prices are set for the reader to determine…even if it’s free! Eventually I will make money from this, but it’s still the early days.  At this point, reviews mean more than a couple of bucks. Thank you in advance for your rave review!

You know? Frequently, I feel guilty. Like I should be chaining myself to trees to fend off loggers, sabotaging wolf hunters or blowing up Monsanto headquarters. But scribbling out novels and poetry is what I can do. And it’s pretty impressive, really, for a single mother of an autistic kid, living in isolation from civilized influences. Writing is very political. This quote from Saul Bellow about writers in the Soviet work camps sums it up:

”Perhaps to remain a poet in such circumstances is also to reach the heart of politics.  The human feelings, human experiences, the human form and face, recover their proper place—the foreground.”

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